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Success in learning frequently depends on finding the right Voice Instructor.; someone who knows the subject well and understands how to inspire others. My teaching style focuses on skills training, but also emphasizes self-exploration and discovering a passion for something new. Take a look at the lessons I provide and choose the right one for you.


One-on-One Lessons

I will try to use your voice to it’s greatest potential and the same foundations always apply. These are –


Diction – Learn how to pronounce your words correctly, within the context of the piece, whatever language, to make yourself fully understood.

Breathing – Learn to breathe correctly ensuring that you always have enough breath for every phrase.

Support – Learn how to exercise your voice to give your voice power and authority.

Flexibility – Learn how to exercise your voice to extend your range and vocal ablilities.

My approach is friendly and informal. All tuition is on a personal one to one basis.


£20.00 per half hour

*Please note:

All visitors please park across Gisburn Road behind “The Malt Kiln/Cavendish Water House” BB9 6AJ in the car park.

Please do not park or turn into “Rockville” as this is residents parking and will cause disruption to other residents. When you have parked in the car park, cross over the main road and walk onto 'Rockville'. Turn immediately right behind the old mill. 'Arden Lodge' is the second house up.



I specialize in workshops, and know how to reach my students with the right balance of personalized attention, patience, practical training, and positive encouragement. I make learning fun through a variety of engaging and outside-the-box activities.

I will share my knowledge and enthusiasm and be sure to uplift your choir to new levels.

The workshops are custom designed for each choir and are taught at a pace tailored to the singers or requirements.  Your choir can be taught about different singing techniques within musical styles, harmonies, blend, breathing techniques, team work, and performance. 

I can also help to perfect songs your choir already knows in preparation for competitions, festivals or performances.

Prices are dependent on travel and length of workshop.

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