Lockdown 2020

Darcey Brown - 12 yrs - Colours of the wind

Charlotte-May Tomlinson - 17yrs - She used to be mine

Izzy Choyce - 14yrs - When she loved me

Millie Holmes - 12 yrs - Where is Love

Some of my students singing 'The Rose' as a choir

Avalon Keenan

Avalon Keenan - 14 yrs - Dead Mom

Tilly Clapham - 14 yrs - Missing You My Bill

Scarlet Dickinson - 17 yrs - I Don't Need a Roof

Corobella - Come What May

Christmas 2019

Tilly Clapham

Amy Doherty

Harry Cross

Lydia Carr-Oddie

Rumi Sutton

Amelia Lancaster

Scarlet Dickinson

Ruby Yates

Izzy Choyce

Avalon Keenan

Charlotte-May Tomlinson

Alice Watson

Millie Holmes

Darcie Brown

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